Stop Puppy Chewing

When trying to stop puppy chewing the first thing is to recognize that it is a natural behavior and instead of stopping it you should teach it to chew on toys and not on house items like furniture, your sofa or anything it can gets. Mainly puppies chew on things when they are teething or when bored, so you should give it something else to do or chew onto.

Should you let your puppy to chew?

When puppies chew the most natural thing is to do let them because they are small and don’t represent any danger, well that is right, the only thing to consider is that stop puppy chewing is something to take care at a young age, although chewing is not going to stop a 100%, puppies should chew only on their toys, when trying to fix this chewing problem, yelling at your puppy, far from helping will confuse and cause other behavioral problems.

How To Stop Puppy Chewing

When you decide to stop the puppy chewing behavior, you have several options. Some people get upset when puppies don’t do as they are told, getting your dog to change any behavior is takes time and work, just remember to be patient, do not yell at your dog, and never hit it for any reason, because this will confuse them and the truth is they won’t realize what they did wrong. Is better to consider the following measures:

Adaptive behavior – Teaching your puppy to chew on the right things, let say you see your puppy chewing on a shoe, you take the shoe away but replace it with a puppy’s toy so your dog will figure it out that shoe is wrong and toy is right, it will take some time remember not to lose patience, also time to time, give your dog new toys and praise the dog when it starts  to chew on them.

Keep your dog busy – In order to stop puppy chewing make sure your dog has activities to do instead of doing nothing, keep your puppy active so it won’t get bored and start chewing on everything, even when they are not teething they chew just to play around, the thing is, your dog must know what are the right places to do it and the right items to chew on.

Crate Training – If your pet walks around the whole house when you’re not in and gets you’re your staff or any item he wants, is a good idea to crate train your puppy to keep it away from house items so your dog won’t chew on them. If you think a crate is kind of small for your dog to be in for a long period of time, you can keep your puppy in a single room during your absence to limit its access to the rest of the house.

Aversion Spray – To prevent puppy chewing on house and destroying them you can use  a deterrent spray that will taste bad for your dog and soon it will know that chewing on those things is not allowed because your puppy will associate it with bad taste and remember not to chew there.

Be consistent

If you really want to stop puppy chewing, do not let your dog reach  personal items, do not leave clothes everywhere, do not give your puppy an old shoe or clothes to chew on them, always give puppy toys to chew on and be consistent on all your training actions.