Stop Dog Chasing

Do you take your dog for a walk or is it the other way around?  If your dog takes you for a walk, then stop dog chasing must be done right away because if your dog chases anything that moves like a cat, a squirrel, a motorcycle these could be dangerous for your dog’s well being and there is no way you can have a nice calm walk with your dog because instead you will be pulling your dog’s leash all the times he decides to chase a moving thing.

Basic retraining methods

When you decide to stop dog chasing you should try some basic retraining using a leash an a flat collar, this will help to reduce this unwanted chasing behavior, because a leash gives you an easy way to control and keep your dog safe while you train them.

Getting your dog’s attention: first, make sure your dog attention is focus on you, this is the key for obtaining good end results of stop dog chasing, for this you have to establish a dominance control on your dog so whenever starting to walk you dog, make sure your dog looks at you before you start to move. Don`t let the dog move until you have your dog’s attention.

Leash training: the goal here is for the dog to associate that whenever he pulls on the leash the walking stops. Pulling on the leash will happen if your dog is not paying attention to you, you are the one who is walking the dog and you should show him the path, so every time your dog wants to go his own way, you pull the leash, stop the walk and make him sit and stay calm. Once it is calm and you have your dog’s attention. Start walking again.

Distractions: when stop dog chasing behavior your dog will want to go after anything that moves, when this happens, carry a toy he likes, and distract your dog with that favor toy of his so he will focus on his toy instead of that moving thing he wanted to chase.

Aversion: let say your dog likes to chase on bicycles, then have a friend help you out with this stop dog chasing training and have your friend to ride the bicycle by, once your dog notices this he will start chasing your friend, as soon as this happens your friend should stop and you tell your dog firmly “no”, so your dog will realize that chasing is not a good thing.

Do not use extreme measures

Using extreme measures to stop dog chasing like shock collars, electric fences or some other measures to keep your dog from chasing do not always work and is not recommended. Is always better to seek professional help if your dog will not stop dog chasing.

Remember that if your dog has this dog chasing behavior, it is a real problem because if they get off the leash it can be dangerous for your dog’s health and whatever they are chasing, so protect your dog before an accident happens.