Stop Dog Biting

Biting dogs are very dangerous for people and other animals, if your dog has this behavior it is a problem you should take care of right away before a major accident happens, to stop dog biting you should first determine the causes and the level of that particular behavior so you can control it. There are several reasons for a dog to bite and also several levels of aggression or biting.

Stop dog biting as puppies

When your dog is still a puppy is the best time for you to notice and stop dog biting behavior because he is in the process of learning how to bite. You have to understand that biting is part of your puppy’s development and cannot be stop at a 100%, but it can be controlled by teaching him when and how to bite.

If you think your biting puppy is just playing around or teething and he represents no danger, you better think again, what is really happening is that he is using hit biting to gain a position in a hierarchy of leadership to show who is in charge, so you have to stop dog biting as a puppy to let him know that you are in charge and biting is not allowed.

There are several ways to stop dog biting as a puppy, and they all have something in common, all of them are about teaching your dog when biting is wrong. If your puppy bites your hand, say “No biting” and give him a little nip on the neck, soon he will know that biting is bad. You can play with your dog and let him bite your hand so you will feel the pressure of the bite and say “No biting” again, when doing play biting don’t let him bite your clothes because you would not notice the pressure of the bite.

Stop dog biting at one year

If your dog is not a puppy anymore and he still bites, he is doing it because he thinks he is the leader of the pack and wants to set his own boundaries and claim his territory as his. You should stop playing around with your dog right away, especially dominance related games. At this age obedience training is necessary to teach him his position in the leadership hierarchy and also with the obedience classes you will learn how to control other behaviors that your dog may exhibit in other situations where your dog could bite.

Stop dog biting at an adult age

If you have an adult dog with biting behavior, the main reason is that he still thinks he is the leader of pack. At this age stop dog biting is going to be a little harder, because now you have an aggressive dog and even he could attack his owner.

You should find professional help immediately before your dog attacks at any person or other animal, because you are going to be held responsible for that accident.

Remember that stop dog biting has to be done at an early age, because as time goes by it is going to be harder to control that biting behavior. There are some exceptions, like a disease or mental disorder, but all biting behaviors could have been stop at an early age of your dog.