Dog Scratching

The importance on dog scratching has to do with the fact that if your dog has a minor scratching problem it can cause a major health problems on your dog if this cannot be controlled, for instance if your dog has a flea or a food allergy on their skin and if he keep scratching those small problems are going to become hot red spots where an infection can allocate.

Why dogs scratching?

The causes for a dog to scratch vary quite a bit. In order to stop dog scratching you first have to find out the reason.

Infection: dirt or any other strange body that accumulate in your dog ears, mouth or wherever with the pass of time will create bacteria and then these bacteria will produce an infection. Look for red spots, hairless patches on your dog to see if it has an infection.

Neurogenic: when a dog does not exercise enough, suffers from separation anxiety, or does not get enough mental stimulation often he will be licking and chewing in excess and that could into a scratching issue.

Allergenic: allergies to food, flea, dust or any other external factor will make your dog to start itching and turn it to a severe skin problem.

Nutritional: If your dog’s diet is not providing the necessary nutrients it may cause a dry skin problem, and turn into a scratching problem.

Environmental: excess water, dirt from digging, excessive sweating may too develop an scratching problem.

Parasites: ticks, fleas, flies, gnats, mites and all parasites will cause itching. There are a lot of medications to stop and prevent parasites.

Once you have determined the cause then you can stop dog scratching.

Taking you dog to a Vet

If you have no experience or cannot find the reason for your dog itching, is always better to have your dog thoroughly checked by a veterinarian because most of the times these scratching issues already turn into an infection and your dog has to take some kind of antibiotics to fight that infection away. And if that itching has not turn yet to an infection depending on the cause you will have to provide your dog with the right type of treatment before it turns into a bigger health problem.

Allergies can be treated by changing your dog’s diet or antihistamines. Parasites can be treated with medication or flea baths.

Neurogenic scratching

As this is a nervous issue, to stop dog scratching will be a little harder because to determine what is causing it is not going to be that easy as to just exploring your dog.

The lack of exercise most times will make your dog to feel bored and he can develop a nervous tick and start licking or itching.

Remember that keeping your dog clean and groomed , feed him the nutrients he needs and exercise him enough will prevent all scratching problems but as soon as you notice the minimum itching is the right time to stop dog scratching.