Dog Obedience Training

Dog obedience training is teaching your dog to obey your commands and behave a certain way in specific situations. It can be from basic commands like sit, come, stay, heel down, to more advance commands like stop, back up, growl, get in, leave it, speak, attack, depending on what you would like to achieve. Actually the most important thing to do for your dog is to give them good obedience training.

Every dog owner wants a dog to behave appropriately; with basic dog obedience training is easy to achieve basic commands while some breeds are more difficult to train than others, with proper training methods you can have an obedient dog.

The Benefits of Dog Obedience Training

When obedience training, dogs accomplish to respond to specific given orders, also you will know the proper way to give these commands. Some of the benefits are:

Leadership: In dog obedience training one of the principal benefits is developing your leadership over your dog, once they recognize you as their leader it is going to be easier to listen to you and do what you tell them. Dogs accept these dominant issue because is better for them that you take care of them that taking care by themselves.

Basic Commands: When dog obedience training your dog will learn the basic commands like sit, down, heel, come, stay, quiet. These will develop basic obedience principles in your dog and will perform better at home.

Advanced Commands: Some dog owners like to take dog obedience training further and teach their dogs more specialized commands to make them behave better at some other situations that may arise; Stop, dogs will stop doing whatever they are doing and lie down. Back Up, some aggressive or larger dogs will behave better with strangers and other dogs. Drop it, this will help you out when your dog picks up a house items to chew on.

Dog obedience training is the best way to get your dog to behave in a proper manner and prevent any problems that may arise at home with your dog, so if your dog still a puppy or does not behave the way it should, consider  an obedience training to get started.

Training Devices

Dog obedience training is achieved using several devices depending on the training method, these devices are flat collars, slip collars, martingale collars, prong collars, shock collars and some others like a leash and a clicker.

Keeping the training at home.

Dog obedience training classes are just the beginning of a learning journey for you and your dog, because in order to get the desired result, you have to keep up the things you have learned, in order to maintain your dog under control, also everyone at home should treat and address the dog the right way.

You must remember that if you do not reinforce the commands your dog has learned, these will soon start to be less effective and reverting your dog to its original behaviors, so be consistent on maintaining the leadership over your dog and putting to practice all the commands and tricks your dog learned in dog obedience clasess.