Dog Health Problems

Certainly there are many potential factors that can cause dog health problems, the thing is when you are taking good care of your dog you may reduce this factors to a minimum, but once your dog gets sick, you have to take action fast because illness sometimes can be devastating and expensive. So instead of dealing with health problems as they come, it is much better to learn how to prevent them and keep your dog healthy and happy.

Common Dog Health Problems

As you may know dogs suffer from illness the same way as we do, the difference is that we can speak and help the doctor with our symptoms by telling him specifically what is bothering us, but with dogs is a little different because they cannot speak out and tell the veterinarian that they have a tummy ache, so your dog often suffers in the early state of the dog health problems, until they just cannot take it anymore and need to be treated fast. This is why, it’s very important to be able to recognize the symptoms of most common dog health problems.

Infections: There are a number of infections your dog can get, usually by an external body or bacteria; they can have infections in their ears, mouth, skin, their eyes, etc. Keeping your dog clean so dirt or any other external body won’t accumulate causing an infection and become a dog health problem. Infections are very common and very easy to prevent, just remember to check your dog regularly for any sign of red spots in its body, swelling, or excess moisture.

Allergies: The most common form of allergies your dog can have is a flea allergy, to prevent it, take your dog to a vet as soon as you see any hot spots that can become an infection and remember to give your dog flea medication. There are also some more kinds of allergies like they can be allergic to certain food, if you see any severe infection, make sure you take your dog to a veterinarian.

Diabetes: Trying to prevent diabetes, you should keep your dog on a strict diet of dog foods, avoiding excess sugary and fatty foods that can cause dog health problems. Diabetes is caused by pancreatic problems that arise when eating excess meals of carbohydrates. If your dog is already diabetic, you should be very strict with its diet, to avoid any unwanted issue and take your dog to a veterinarian on a regular basis.

Arthritis and Dysplasia: make sure to include the necessary vitamins and minerals in your dogs diet to prevent this kind of dog health problems, some breeds suffer from arthritis more than others, be sure to visit a veterinarian at least once a year to have your dog check.

Obesity: This is the most common dog health problems and is caused by feeding your dog in excess and not exercising enough. To prevent it you should be careful with your dog diet and maintain its activity levels high.

If your dog eats a balanced diet every day, gets the exercise it needs, and you keep it clean and well groomed, may be any of these dog health problems would never become an issue. Remember the sooner you notice a disease symptom, the better your dog can be treated.