Clicker Dog Training

Did you know that clicker clicker dog training is one of the easiest methods to tech your dog almost anything you want your dog to respond to and it actually works with all kinds of dogs, does not matter the race or age. With a clicker you will control your dog behavior and it takes just a little time to master.

What is Clicker Dog Training?

It is a positive reinforcement base system of training, meaning that when doing as they are told, there will be positive consequences your dog likes and enjoys. Studies show that any dog or creature are more likely to do and repeat behaviors that result in rewards.

Wondering how Clicker Training Works?

Clickers emit a very peculiar sound dogs usually hear from 20 yards away and they associate it with a command you give your dog. The principal objective of this method is to reward your dog with the sound of the clicker when your pet does exactly what they are told.

Before applying the clicker dog training method your dog must know that clicker sound is a reward for obeying a specific command. You can achieve this by teaching your dog new tricks and when getting them right you give them a click and a treat.

It’s very important to click exactly when the wanted behavior occurs so your dog will know  what is expected to do, and by doing it, it will be rewarded.  The only time your dog will hear the clicker sound is when obeying a command.

How is Clicker Dog Training Done?

You click at the exact moment the behavior occurs and then reinforce that behavior. Let say you want your dog to sit, raise its hand, roll over, speak or any other trick at your command. Once your dog performs the specific behavior, you mark it with a click and give the dog something it likes, it could be a treat sometimes a play, praise and petting will do it too.

Actually, you can train your dog by following three simple steps: first, you get the behavior, you mark the behavior, it is like taking a picture at the exact moment of the behavior, and you reinforce that specific behavior. It takes only two or three clicks for your dog to associate the click with the treat, and because every dog loves treats, they will do exactly what they were doing when they heard the click. Clicker dog training is very effective because dogs will respond immediately for getting the reward.

Associating the behavior with a spoken command.

After the dog has learned a behavior and been clicked and rewarded for it. Clicker dog training will now teach the dog the name of that behavior, or cue. So you can use that spoken command even with no clicker. To teach your dog the name of the command, you should say the command or signal the cue for the dog to repeat the behavior, click and reward. Be sure not to click and reward every time your dog does it by itself without you saying the command, but only when a command is given.